Algie Baas,

is a 23 years old dancer, choreographer and teacher.
She graduated from the dance academy PACT+ ROC Amsterdam in 2017.
She developed herself as an all-round dancer, and is specialized in Hip-Hop and Modern.



Cedella Adriana,

is an all-round dancer, choreographer and teacher. Partly because of her perseverance, it brings her to various places in the world. She is inspired by the music of today and her generation around her. In 2018 she worked as a back-up dancer for six months in China for various commercial artists. She is specialized in the dance styles : Hip-hop and Jazz Funk. 

Janneke Pronk,

started dancing from an early age. With her love and passion for dancing, she started the PACT + dance education in Amsterdam in 2013 and graduated in 2017. During the education she became an all-round dancer and developed herself as a choreographer and a performing dancer. With her perseverance and willpower she was in China in 2016 and 2017 to dance and choreograph shows. Currently she is sharing her experiences at various dance schools.


Kirsten de Vos,
grew up in a dance school and became an all-round dancer. In her younger years she already performed on television, musicals and big shows, therefore she has a lot of experience with the entertainment world. Most recently, she participated in the "DanceSing" program of Talpa Productions. She is now mostly focused on the dance styles: Hip-hop, Jazz Funk and Modern / Contemporary.

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